Concealed Pistol License (CPL/CCW) - classes held monthly. Cost $100.00 Taught by NRA Training Counselors and certified instructors. An attorney presents law portion per state/NRA requirements. Must register ahead to attend. Students then may apply to their county clerk for a CPL.

Hunter Safety Classes - Held two or three times/year. Cost is $5. Taught by certified instructors. Students receive certificate to purchase future Michigan hunting licenses.

Ladies Day - usually held in spring and occasionally in the fall if numbers warrant. Cost is $30. Taught by NRA Training Counselors, NRA certified instructors and Range Safety Officers. (RSO's).This is a class designed for women who are timid or unsure around firearms. Four hours of classroom on gun safety, storage, gun action types (rifle, shotgun and pistol), ammunition. Students handle empty guns in class with instructors and after lunch have the opportunity to shoot .22 cal. Rifles, .22 cal handguns and 20 gauge shotguns. All is included in the entry fee.

ATV Class - Class in ORV safe & responsible vehicle operation. Learn Michigan law for use on private and state land. Discuss 4-wheelers, ATV’s, dirt bikes, utility vehicles and riding techniques. Michigan RV Safety certificate issued upon completion. This safety certificate is required for anyone, younger than 16 years old, to operate an ORV on private or state lands.

Appleseed - One or two day special class presented twice a year. Learn American history, Paul Revere’s ride,” the Regulars are coming!” Learn to shoot your off the rack rifle, adjust your sights for distance and hit targets simulated out to 500 yards. Open sights or scope, any caliber. Similar programs by the Appleseed project are Winterseed, and Liberty Seed, a historical talk. Call for more information or watch website under Events.

Tactical rifle, shotgun, and handgun classes - These are held several times a year. Usually a one-day class for each discipline. Check out club calendar and call instructor to enroll in class. Also new classes will be posted under Classes and Events.

Our teaching staff include:
  • Three NRA Training Counselors (certified to train new NRA instructors)
  • Nine NRA certified instructors
  • Sixteen Range Safety Officers and four Chief RSOs
  • Four certified Hunter Safety Instructors
  • Berrien Co. retired sheriffs (Tactical Classes)
  • 4-H certified instructors
  • Two attorneys, Kevin Banyon and David Peterson II, who teach Michigan law at CPL classes.
  • Two DNR certified instructors for ATV classes.
  • Three members are Shoot Bosses with the Appleseed Program

  • Many other NRA classes are offered during the year depending on interest. They have included: Personal Protectio Outside the Home, NRA Rifle class, NRA Shotgun class, Range Safety Officer (RSO) and Basic Instructor Training class. BIT. Contact us if you are interested in these kind of NRA courses and watch the club's Events page.